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I.O.S Britain’s premier ocean sailing school provides a comprehensive training curriculum in all aspects of ocean sailing. The company is headed by Pete “Stokey” Woodall. In 2006 I.O.S. set up a free web based Atlantic weather centre to help rowers and sailors alike to obtain good weather data and information to aid their ventures. Since its start I.O.S has advised, encouraged and helped thousands of yachtsmen who for the first time set off on a blue water adventure.








Stokey”  is a well-known ocean sailor who has in 35 years made some 31 Trans-Atlantic crossings and amassed more than a quarter of a million sea miles. He is a highly respected teacher in celestial navigation and has sailed to the Azores some 89 times teaching students completing their Ocean Yachtmaster certification.







“The Arctic Tern” is a bird that flies in excess of 32,000 kilometers a year and is a renowned master of navigation. To this end the logo and motto: No Frontiers’ of I.O.S. was designed and one in which they are justly proud.